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18 Questions to Ask A Home Builder – Before Signing That Contract!

Building a new home is an exciting endeavor and should be an experience you reflect on with satisfaction. Nonetheless, it’s common for homeowners to invest their trust (and money) in construction professionals who don’t live up to their claims.

Our tips to avoid a building nightmare? Get informed and ask questions. Here’s our top questions to ask a home builder before signing a contract.

“Being as informed as possible about a potential home builder is crucial when selecting a home builder for your project. Ask questions and don’t sign documents until you’re 100% satisfied with the answers they provide.” –Rob de Clerk, Preconstruction Project Manager

The questions you ask a home builder should do more than just determine if they’re qualified and can meet your budget expectations. They should help you learn if they’re trustworthy, reputable, are someone you want to work with for nearly two years, and are committed to your vision.

Let’s take a look at 18 questions to ask a home builder before signing a contract that will help you know if a potential builder is right for you.

Step 1: Questions to Ask a Home Builder to Establish Experience and Background

Selecting a home builder with a solid background and extensive experience is crucial for the success of your project. Start by inquiring about their business background and their familiarity with your specific type of project and building goals. Your questions should help you learn their history, local experience, and types of projects they excel in. 

Questions to ask a new construction builder to learn their background and experience include:

  • How many years have you been in business? This question aims to gauge their industry longevity and stability.
  • How long have you been building in this area? Local experience can be indicative of their understanding of regional building codes and environmental considerations.
  • How many homes of my desired style have you built? This assesses their familiarity with your vision.
  • Is new home construction your sole focus? A builder dedicated to new home construction is likely to be more reliable and focused than one who manages multiple types of builds.

Step 2: Licensing, Insurance, and Warranty – Securing Your Investment

Ensuring your home builder is properly licensed and insured is non-negotiable. It protects you legally and financially. The warranty offered by the builder also speaks volumes about their confidence in their workmanship and their commitment to their client’s satisfaction.

Things to ask when building a house regarding warranty claims include:

  • Are you fully licensed and insured? This confirms their legal standing and your protection.
  • What type of warranty do you offer on your builds? Understand the duration and coverage to gauge their commitment to quality.
  • How do you handle issues that arise after completion? This tests their post-build support. 
  • What reassurances do you offer that ensure you’ll fulfill or stand by your warranties? This will give you insight into how well a builder responds to a homeowner’s warranty claims. For instance, do they have a client portal where you can log warranty and service requests? Do they perform quality checks after the project is complete?

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Step 3: Quality and Construction Process – Guaranteeing Excellence in Your Home

The construction process and the quality of materials used are pivotal in ensuring your home stands the test of time. It’s essential to delve into the builder’s approach to craftsmanship and their standards for selecting materials.

Consider the following important questions to guarantee quality and a smooth construction process:

  • How do you guarantee the quality of your construction? This question seeks to understand their quality control measures. Do they offer follow-up quality checks?
  • Could you provide a tour of a recently completed project? Seeing their work firsthand offers insights into their attention to detail. Be sure to visit homes in various stages of construction to gain a clear understanding of their build processes.
  • What is your process for selecting materials and subcontractors? This question will help you evaluate if they use high-quality materials and skilled labor. Ask how long their tradespeople have worked with them. The longer a team stands by a builder, the more likely they will produce consistent, quality products.

Step 4: Top Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder On Communication and Project Management 

smooth building process relies heavily on effective communication and efficient project management. Knowing who your main point of contact is and how the project will be managed is crucial. 

Keep in mind, a new home build can take upwards of two years to complete. You need to be comfortable with the team you’re working with and be confident communicating with them will be easy and effortless.

To determine a builder’s communication and management priorities, some great questions to ask the builder at preconstruction meetings are:

  • Who will be my primary point of contact throughout the project? This clarifies communication channels and establishes who you can bring concerns and new ideas to.
  • How do you keep clients updated on progress? This question will help assess their transparency and communication frequency. Do they have established policies on the frequency of contact during your project? Speak to former clients to ensure their claims align with past client experiences.
  • What project management tools or methods do you use? This evaluates their organizational skills and efficiency and invites them to explain their build process.
  • What resources do you have to help me understand the building process? This will let you know if they’re willing to guide you through the process of a new home build in a way that ensures you’re confident in every decision you make. 

For instance, at JayMarc Homes, we offer educational resources that help our homeowners understand the complexities of a new home build.

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Step 5: Customization and Design – Questions to Make the New Home Yours

Your new home should reflect your personal style and meet your needs. Understanding the level of customization and design support a home builder provides is key to achieving your vision. Not every new home build is the same, and some custom homes are more customized than others. 

When seeking a builder to bring your custom home vision to life, questions to ask a custom home builder include:

  • To what extent can I customize my home? This determines how much you can tailor your space. Be sure to learn if they are able to design floor plans from scratch or customize pre-established floor plan options.
  • Do you offer design support or assistance? Assesses the help available for making design decisions that align with your project goals, land constraints, and building limitations
  • How is the selection process for finishes and fixtures managed? Explores the process for personalizing your home’s details and what options are available depending on the type of custom build process you’re involved in.

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