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Luxe Landscapes: Elevating Your Outdoor Space To Resort-Level Relaxation

While the climate in North America may differ depending on your proximity to sunny Florida or the snowy Canadian Archipelago, every homeowner wants to have an outside space to easily relax and unwind.  

Taking measures to elevate your outdoor space will not only infuse your home with a feeling of luxury, but it will also add value to your property.  

As Alexa Simpson, VP of Marketing & Customer Care from JayMarc Homes says, “Creating serene, relaxing, and functional outdoor spaces makes your home more appealing from several angles. It creates luxury for the people who live there, the guests who visit, and also for future potential buyers.” 

How can you transform your outdoor space to a year-round oasis? We have 8 tips you can try. By using these tips, you can transform any space into one that feels like you’re on a luxury vacation all year round!

8 Tips For Achieving Luxurious Living 

As mentioned above, finding ways to elevate the luxury and atmosphere of your home is rewarding on a multitude of levels. The progress of upgrading your outdoor space means you end up spending more time outside, making the most of your property, and experiencing the supreme joy of vacationing in your own backyard.  

But in addition to these everyday pleasures, a luxury outdoor space means that the value of your property increases, making it much easier to flip or sell at a later stage should you decide to in the future. 

All in all, it’s a decision you won’t regret making. But how do you accomplish it? These tips will help you gather inspiration and direction for how to transform the outdoor portion of your home from average to extravagant in a matter of weeks. Let’s dive in: 

Tip 1: Add an Outside Kitchen

The foodies, home chefs, and hungry among us can all attest to the joy of multiple well-designed kitchen spaces. An outside kitchen is perfect for anyone who likes preparing food with a little bit of sunshine on their skin or enjoys entertaining guests in more than one area of the home.  

An outside kitchen is also a great way to upgrade the functionality of underutilized verandas or patios. It instantly adds value to any home environment and allows you to enjoy a whole new range of dining experiences. Add a private chef into the mix, and you’ve got a great recipe for regular dinner parties. 

Tip 2: Create a Covered Outdoor Dining Space

There’s not much point in carving out an exquisite outdoor space suited to dining al fresco if it isn’t properly protected from the elements. If you want to get year-round use out of your luxury outdoor spaces, especially if it features a dining area, you will need coverage. 

Fortunately, there are loads of beautiful outdoor-friendly fabrics and materials available that can be used to cover your outdoor dining area in a way that still feels elegant and glamorous.  

Once you have created a protected area to dine under, you can enjoy the pure luxury of sharing incredible food with friends, family, and loved ones all year round, come rain or shine. It also adds dimension to your leisure home spaces and creates more options when you entertain. 

Enjoy Luxury Living Inside and Out

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Tip 3: Carve Out Different Zones for Relaxation and Activities

Speaking of options, having them is part of what defines a luxury home living experience. Even in an open plan layout, carving out different zones for entertainment, relaxation, and other activities means being able to live your life in a more comfortable and valuable way.  

Whether you’re in the mood to cook, swim, exercise, or throw a party, curating outdoor zones that accommodate these exact needs can make your home a more gratifying and convenient place to be. 

Tip 4: Invest in Luxury Outdoor Furniture

You can’t elevate an outdoor space to feel like a resort without some gorgeous, luxury outdoor furniture. Elegant, high-quality furniture will make your outdoor environment feel instantly more glamorous, all the while enticing your family and your guests to spend more time outside.  

Just remember to invest in furniture that suits your home’s style and is designed using outdoor all-weather-friendly materials, such as teak wood, powder-coated aluminum, and rattan. 

Tip 5: Build a Bar

What says resort-level relaxation better than a private outdoor bar? Even if you don’t partake in the consumption of alcohol, a designated outdoor bar section can be used to concoct all manner of delightful drinks, from virgin cocktails and spritzers to red wine blends and vodka martinis.  

Having an outdoor bar is a luxury most people can only access at a resort or hotel, but installing one in your own backyard is a surprisingly simple way to add value (and fun!) to your home. 

Tip 6: Incorporate Water Features

Water features contribute instant natural beauty and intricacy to any outdoor space, whether it’s a courtyard or rolling green lawns. Radiating luxury and paradisiacal themes, even the daintiest water fountain installations can transform your back garden into something of a private Eden, adding to the luxurious theme of your home. 

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Tip 7: Set the Mood With Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is crucial for curating a pleasant ambiance within your home environment, and it shouldn’t stop when you venture outside.  

Make your outdoor areas cozier and more sumptuous by adding warm, atmospheric lighting, thus expanding the relaxation zones of your home. Great quality lighting has a unique ability to transform and elevate any environment it exists in, whether it’s in your bedroom or at an outdoor dining table.  

Make sure to choose lighting options that complement the natural lighting of your garden so that it doesn’t appear too synthetic on moonlit nights. 

Tip 8: Ensure Good Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Finally, the key to truly elevating your outdoor space is to follow the same design route as many of the properties in sunny coastal towns like Santa Barbara. These coastal properties always ensure there’s harmony between the inside and outside living areas, creating a luxurious flow.  

Keep your spaces feeling open and synergistic with foldable apertures, wide-set door frames, and plenty of reflective glass.


Experience Resort Style Relaxation at Home

Why go to a resort when you have every luxury amenity you could want right where you are? Upgrading your outdoor environment means you get to celebrate every occasion in style, whether it’s a birthday or a beautiful morning. 

There are countless ways to make your outdoor space feel relaxing and resort-worthy, from investing in luxury furniture items to setting the mood with designer lighting. 

Create Luxury Living From the Ground Up!

Working with what you have is always a great way to easily add value and enjoyment to your home. However, if you’ve outgrown your current home or are ready to create one that’s uniquely you, it may be time to consider a custom home. 

With a custom home, you can incorporate every outdoor feature and function that makes resort-living truly at its best. An outdoor kitchen? Check. A covered patio off the primary living space? Check. If you can think it, we can build it.

Start your journey towards all-encompassing luxury today. Book a consultation with JayMarc’s new home specialists and find out how easy luxury living can be.