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About Jay and Marc

Jay Mezistrano & Marc Rousso

Jay and Marc know the value of a relationship—after all, it is how the company was formed. 

Jay Mezistrano and Marc Rousso met while attending the University of Washington and soon formed a friendship. Later they discovered their relationship actually went back much further—about 20 years. Their grandmothers were good friends, neighbors and avid card players.  During their grandmas’ weekly card games, Jay and Marc were often crib mates together. They both spent their formative years on the Eastside. 

Jay and Marc’s business partnership, which started in 1990, went from a DJ service in college to renovating and selling homes, to land development and ultimately to creating JayMarc Homes. They are always looking for ways to improve the JayMarc Experience with each homeowner. 

Jay and Marc formed JayMarc Homes because they know how important a good home design is to a family’s life. They are passionate about building homes where homeowners enjoy living. They built their own homes for their families with this in mind. They will build your new home with the same passion.


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