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About JayMarc Homes

About JayMarc Homes

JayMarc Homes was formed in 1990 by life-long friends and business partners of nearly 30 years, Jay Mezistrano and Marc Rousso. The company was founded on the principle values of relationship, best in class service and functional but elegant designs of the highest quality. Based in Mercer Island, Washington, JayMarc Homes is a boutique building firm that builds luxury presale, move-in ready and custom homes in the Greater Seattle, Mercer Island and Eastside areas. The team is comprised of seasoned veterans with a wealth of knowledge and experience in each area of expertise. All of us here at JayMarc Homes have a passion and common goal of creating an exceptional experience for our customers and building partners that inspired the company tagline of "Love Where You Live".

The help we received in planning the house couldn't have been better. Having never built a house, it was nice to have a home builder who kept our best interests in mind. JayMarc is a big step above other local builders in quality. JayMarc is right. Love where you live! And we do.

Brangwin Family | JayMarc Custom Homeowner

Jay Mezistrano and Marc Rousso know the value of a relationship - after all, it is how the company was formed.  Jay and Marc met while attending the University of Washington and soon formed a friendship.  Later, they discovered that their relationship actually went back much further - about 20 years.  Jay and Marc's grandmothers were good friends, neighbors and avid card players. During their grandmas’ weekly card games, Jay and Marc were often crib mates together. They both spent their formative years on the Eastside.

Jay and Marc’s business partnership, which started in 1990, went from a DJ service in college to renovating and selling homes, to land development and ultimately to creating JayMarc Homes. They are always looking for ways to improve the JayMarc Experience with each homeowner.

Jay and Marc formed JayMarc Homes because they know how important a good home design is to a family’s life. They are passionate about building homes where homeowners enjoy living. They built their own homes for their families with this in mind. They will build your new home with the same passion.

Your JayMarc Homes Experience

Your JayMarc Homes Experience means we anticipate your every need during your homebuilding journey. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible home building experience. We also live in your community. That means not only are you our customer, you are also our neighbor. We are committed to a long-lasting relationship with you as a JayMarc homeowner that continues long after you move in.

Here’s what you can expect from your JayMarc Homes Experience

  • Elegant home designs geared for modern living
  • Uncommon responsiveness
  • Best-in-class customer care
  • A simple, easy and fun process with our sales team and in-house designers
  • Transparency through and through
  • Timeliness and an urgency to keep your home building and home buying process moving.
  • We will keep our promises and do the right thing

Our Values

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    Service with HumilityWe live, work and contribute to the communities where we build. Participating in the community is one of our most important commitments.
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    Deliver the ExtraordinaryWe hold ourselves and our homes to the highest standards, doing the important things, above and beyond just what's expected.
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    Open, Honest RelationshipsWe value strong relationships with our team, customers, subcontractors, vendors, agents, neighbors, bankers and investors. We strive to approach each relationship with integrity, compassion, friendliness, and loyalty.
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    A Caring EnvironmentOur environment is friendly, warm and positive, fostering a culture of both team and family.
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    Individual Growth and DevelopmentThe personal and professional growth of each team member is important, as it allows them to soar to new heights.

Giving Back To The Community

JayMarc Homes believes in giving back to the communities we are a part of
One of our main company values is "Service with Humility". We enjoy being able to give back to the communities we build in. Below is a list of some of the events we support.

If you are interested in having us sponsor one of your events, please email Leslie Rousso with your information.

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