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JayMarc Makes PSBJ’s Largest Private Company List

Categories: JayMarc in the News | Posted: June 1, 2017

JayMarc is thrilled to have made Puget Sound Business Journal’s 100 Larget Private Companies list as number 93! Last year we made the list as number 100 so we are excited to be in this higher position. Thank you to all of our vendors, subcontractors, bankers, investors, realtors, and homeowners for supporting our team!

To view the full list, click here. Congratulations to all of the companies who made the list!

*the list is based on revenue from 2016

PSBJ Largest Private Companies JayMarc Homes 93


2017 Gold Nugget Award of Merit Winner

Categories: JayMarc in the News | Posted: May 24, 2017

GNA Merit Icon

Judges for the 2017 Gold Nugget Awards have named JayMarc Homes as an Award of Merit winner in its annual competition, which honors architectural design and planning excellence and draws entries from throughout the United States and internationally. JayMarc Homes earned its Merit honors for The Oslo and Copenhagen home designs, which were honored for Best Single Family Detached Home – 3,500 to 3,999 sq. ft. and 4,000 to 5,000 sq. ft.

Chosen from the elite pool of Merit Award winners, Grand Awards will be announced on June 29 as a feature highlight of PCBC, the nation’s largest regional conference and trade show for the real estate development field.

“Gold Nugget Award winners reflect our industry’s best, brightest and most innovative architects, planners and builder/developers,” said Judging Chairman and Gold Nugget ceremonies administrator Lisa Parrish. “We applaud them all, and we look forward to our June 29 celebration of Merit and Grand Award winners.”

Now in its 54th year, GNA is the largest and most prestigious competition of its kind in the nation. It honors design and planning achievements in community and home design, green-built housing, site planning, commercial, retail, mixed-use development and specialty housing categories. Winners this year were chosen from over 600 entries from around the world.

Gold Nugget Awards – recognizing those who improve our communities through exceptional concepts in design, planning, and development.

To view the full list of Award of Merit winners, click here. Congratulations to all who were nominated!


The Oslo home design front exterior by JayMarc Homes

The Oslo Home Design – Award of Merit Winner

The Copenhagen Exterior by JayMarc Homes

The Copenhagen Home Design – Award of Merit Winner


We Are Hiring! – Purchasing Coordinator

Categories: Meet The JayMarc Team | Posted: May 5, 2017

Purchasing Coordinator

The Purchasing Coordinator reports to the Purchasing Manager and will work very closely with our accounting and design departments to accurately process invoices, collect bids & product information and engage with vendors on pricing.

As the Purchasing Coordinator, you love getting into the details with our trade partners and our internal operating systems. Your work environment would consist of:

  • contacting vendors
  • purchase order issuance & analysis
  • insurance/risk management
  • vendor/supplier negotiations
  • cost comparison & analysis
  • option management

We are looking for an individual who has a passion for luxury residential construction. Residential purchasing experience is preferred. This is a full-time position with great growth potential.

If you are interested in joining us on our adventure, please e-mail a cover letter, resume, salary history, and any expectations to Amy Coate at amy@jaymarchomes.com.

Bellevue & Mercer Island Easter Events 2017

Categories: JayMarc Homes Events, JayMarc Homes in the Community | Posted: April 10, 2017

Easter Events 2017

The Easter Bunny is hopping over to your neighborhood this coming Sunday, April 16th! Celebrate with your kids by stopping by a local Easter event in Bellevue or Mercer Island. There are fun events for all ages!



March 31st to April 15th – Bellevue Square Mall

Easter Bunny PhotosMonday – Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Come get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny!

April 15th – Bellevue Community Center

Lunch with the Easter Bunny: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. $3 admission for each child includes a small lunch and activities.


Mercer Island

April 15th – Mercerdale Park

Lil’ Ones Egg Hunt: Ages 1-3 years at 4 p.m. Ages 4-6 years at 5 p.m. Don’t forget a basket!

Flashlight Egg Hunt: Ages 7-12 at 8:30 p.m. – Don’t forget a flashlight and basket!

The events are free, but a $5 donation would be appreciated!


Have a wonderful Easter!

How Nordstrom ‘Delivers the Extraordinary’

Categories: Girl Wonder's Last Word | Posted: March 23, 2017

In a world plagued with “Alternative Facts,” sometimes it’s hard to know what is true and what is fiction. It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to take everything we read with a grain of salt, but a healthy dose of cynicism can be helpful when trying to weed out true stories versus anecdotes made up for PR or branding purposes. Image result for snow tires

One of my favorite customer service stories that may or may not be true, is the old tale of a man who was successful in his attempt to return used snow tires to a Nordstrom retail store in Anchorage, Alaska. There are versions of the story that  have been verified by numerous sources, but the gist of it is that a man came into a Nordstrom store, placed some tires on a counter, and asked the customer service representative to give him cash back for his return. Without hesitation, the Nordstrom representative looked at the price tag on the tire and gave him cash back for an item that was clearly not from the high-end department store. There are many conflicting accounts of this tale, noted in this article on Snopes, though the main fiber of the story seems to hold true.

Image result for happy customer nordstromWhy did the cashier give this man money for something that could not have possibly come from the store? Perhaps that employee, using foresight, thought it would be best to make the short-term investment in order to secure this man’s future patronage of their store. In fact, when Nordstrom hires a new employee, the individual is given a handbook. Rather than going on for pages of rules and best practices, the handbook simply and concisely instructs the employee to “Use good judgment in all situations.”

The Ritz Carlton, one of the world’s most premier luxury hotel chains, empowers every one of their employees to spend what they need in order to please their guests. If something goes wrong with the guest’s stay, or the employee overhears how the guest forgot something at home, any employee (from the doorman to the housekeeper to the concierges) can make purchases in order to turn that guest’s experience around.

What this achieves for the Ritz Carlton (and Nordstrom, and any other customer-centric business) is that every employee feels empowered to solve any issue, and they don’t have to jump through hoops to have requests approved by management.  Effectively, this empowerment allows issues to be resolved much more quickly. Consumers and clients see and appreciate this, increasing the likelihood that they will continue to shop at Nordstrom, or stay at the Ritz. At JayMarc Homes, one of our core values is to always “Deliver the Extraordinary,” so that we can follow in the footsteps of great companies like Nordstrom and one day have a reputation for being the most customer-centric home builder around.

So, whether the story about the man returning snow tires at Nordstrom is true or another Urban Myth, the principle holds true: Nordstrom, The Ritz, and many other great companies are wholly dedicated to pleasing their customers, regardless of the circumstance. And that dedication is what keeps customers coming back for years to come.

Interest Rates on the Rise – What Does This Mean For You?

Categories: Girl Wonder's Last Word | Posted: March 16, 2017

If you have never heard of The Skimm, let me enlighten you. It’s a daily email sent to your inbox that compiles important world news stories and parses them down into bite sized chunks. I love The Skimm, and was happy to see a snippet today about something that is relevant to the Real Estate industry.

Yesterday, The Fed increased interest rates again. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the economy has been slowly but surely rebuilding itself, and the announcement yesterday shows that our economy is continuing along a predictable path. Though some may see rising interest rates as a sign that it will become more difficult to make big investments, what it really means is our economy is thriving and the market is responding positively to those changes.

Now, don’t panic. Even with the recent quarter-point increase, interest rates are still historically very low.  This means it’s still a great time to borrow money from the government for smart purchases, (like a JayMarc Home!)

Image result for home buildingInvesting in real estate and home ownership is a wise decision because it’s what is called an appreciating asset. Over time, your home and the land it is built on will increase in value, meaning when you are ready to sell, you will get more money for it than you originally paid. Cars, for example are depreciating assets, because as you drive them and put miles on them, they lose a lot of their value.

Some expected The Fed to respond to market changes with a more aggressive rate increase, so the fact that they are increasing rates slowly and steadily shows that market economics are reacting in a predictable manner, which is good for everyone.

JayMarc opts to build homes in neighborhoods that we know will appreciate over the years. We build in districts with the best schools, great walkability, and lowest crime rates so we know our homeowners will want to live there for years. Now is a great time to buy because The Fed is planning on raising interest rates two more times in 2017.

If you are interested in learning about how you can take advantage of this great time to invest in real estate, JayMarc is hosting a Custom Home Seminar on Saturday March 25th where we will talk about finding land, the process of building a home, and custom construction loans. Please RSVP to Adrienne@jaymarchomes.com. We hope to see you there!

Why Did the Shoe Retailer Order a Pizza?

Categories: Girl Wonder's Last Word | Posted: March 9, 2017

Zappos is an online retailer known across the world for their exceptional customer service. Since the company was founded in 1999, stories have come out detailing the great lengths they have gone to secure their reputation as the most customer-centric online retailer in the nation.  Zappos was acquired by Amazon in 2009 and the marriage of these two consumer obsessed companies created a conglomerate that cannot be stopped. Both companies have seen tremendous growth since the merger.

Tony Hsieh stands in the quirky, jungle-themed section of the Zappos Headquarters

Tony Hseih, the CEO of Zappos wrote a book about the creation and growth of Zappos, called Delivering Happiness. Throughout the book you can feel how proud Tony is of the company culture
he was able to create, and how excited he was to share the amazing stories of his employees and coworkers.

One great story is one of his personal experiences with Zappos’ customer service. Tony took some clients out on the town, and late into the night when the bars were closed, one of his clients mentioned he was craving some pizza. The hotel was not able to provide them what they wanted, so Tony had the idea of calling Zappos to ask for one. Tony was so confident in his team that he believed whoever answered the customer service phone line at 2 AM would help them.

Of course, when his client called and spoke to an individual, the Zappos employee was able to find a pizza restaurant that was still open, and called and placed the order for them.


Zappos is not a pizza restaurant. Heck, they aren’t even a food vendor! Many people working in customer service would hear a silly request for pizza delivery and politely tell them they can’t help. But at the heart of the Zappos culture is problem solving. They see people as people, not as numbers and data on a screen.

JayMarc Homes went to a conference in Las Vegas two years ago and we had the opportunity to tour the Zappos headquarters. From the moment you walk in, you can get a sense of the wacky, open and fun-loving culture that the company has fostered. Employees are encouraged to be themselves, and they go above and beyond to provide a service to all Zappos customers that they themselves would want to experience.

There’s a ball pit in the Zappos Headquarters. Feel free to jump in, but watch out for gators!

JayMarc has modeled our core company values after those outlined in Delivering Happiness, one of which is “Deliver the Extraordinary.” We see the importance in setting and meeting expectations, but that’s not enough. We also want to surprise and delight those that we work with by going above and beyond expectations. Doing just enough to get by isn’t enough for Zappos, and it certainly isn’t enough for us either!



Why we aspire to be like the Four Seasons

Categories: JayMarc Homes - Guest Blog | Posted: March 2, 2017

At JayMarc Homes, we often say that we strive to be ‘the Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton of Homebuilders.’ But what does that really mean? What are those companies doing that inspires us to model ourselves after them?

The answer is a big, nebulous phrase in the clouds – “Customer Experience”

In a world filled with reviews (Yelp, Google, Amazon, and Houzz, to name a few), it is more important than ever for companies to distinguish themselves by providing a service or experience that keeps people coming back.

In this column I want to help define what great customer service is, through examples and anecdotes from companies around the world who are doing it right. Examining epic wins (and epic fails) will help us learn how to continually surprise and delight our clients—and we want to pass along that knowledge to you as well! That said, let’s start with a story from the “Customer Service Colossus,” the Four Seasons.

Isadore Sharp, the founder of the Four Seasons hotels, wrote a book in 2009 about his experiences. It’s an anecdotal and incredibly detailed account of how the Four Seasons went from a single unknown motel (yes, with an ‘M’), to one of the most recognized luxury hotel chains in the world. How did he do it? By providing exceptional service and value to everyone that walked through his hotels’ doors.

I wouldn’t mind sitting on the rooftop lounge at the Four Seasons in Mumbai!

At the Four Seasons, you are paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars each night for the experience of staying there. When you book a room, you are expecting a comfortable bed, down pillows, fuzzy bathrobes — the works.

Sharp was one of the first hoteliers to really put into action the idea that companies and organizations should consistently be exceeding the expectations of their clients and guests. The Four Seasons was the first major hotel chain to provide complementary shampoo & conditioner in their bathrooms, which is a practice that is now used in almost every hotel around the world.

One of my favorite stories from Sharp’s book was about a VIP who was considering doing business with the Four Seasons. He decided to stay at their hotel in Paris under an alias. When he called, the hotel was completely booked. Hours later, however, he received a call from a concierge who was able to accommodate him, and even got him into the room he requested. That, in addition to how he was treated all week as “just another guest” helped him decide to go into business with the Four Seasons.

A company should treat anyone who walks through their doors as a VIP. This includes their clients, employees, vendors, and anyone else who interacts with the business.

The Four Seasons does a wonderful job of “walking the walk,” in this regard. They have carved a path for service businesses around the world, and JayMarc Homes has worked hard to model our customer experience mission after them.


Let’s get building! Welcome Ferara family!

Categories: JayMarc Homes New Homeowners | Posted: February 17, 2017

Welcome to the JayMarc Family!

It is always an exciting time when we get to start a custom homebuilding journey with a new family. This week we broke ground in Bellevue with the Ferara family! The JayMarc crew joined them to watch the fun as their property started to get cleared out and prepared for the big dig. We are looking forward to getting started!


The Ferara Family starting their new custom home build with JayMarc Homes

Diana, Jasmine, and Darius (thanks for the thumbs up!) with the excavator helping start their custom home build.


The Ferara family watching the excavator start the clearing process

The beginning of a wonderful homebuilding journey!


If you are looking to bring a personal home design to life, ask us about our Custom Homebuilding Program! Contact Brenda Gage at brenda@jaymarchomes.com or call 253.448.9809.

425 Magazine’s Northwest Idea House 2017

Categories: JayMarc Homes Events, JayMarc in the News | Posted: February 14, 2017

425 Northwest Idea House 2017

JayMarc Homes is excited to announce our partnership with 425 Magazine for the 2017 Northwest Idea House! Our team is excited to share the innovative and creative elements we selected for the Idea House home. During the next few months, we will be sharing sneak peeks of the design and building process and will be sharing stories of the wonderful vendors involved in the project.


House framing of the 2017 NW Idea House

The Stockholm home design during framing.


425 Northwest Idea House

The Stockholm

9803 SE Shoreland Drive Bellevue, WA 98004

Projected Completion: June 2017


View from the upper story of the 2017 NW Idea House

Beautiful view of Downtown Bellevue and Whalers Cove.


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