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What is the difference between a presale home and an available home? 

A presale home is a home that is currently under construction with a future delivery date.

An available home is a home that has completed construction and is move-in ready.

Can I walk thru a home that is currently under construction?

For your safety, visits to under construction homes are permitted by appointment only.  Safety is our number one priority, so visits to active construction sites are never permitted unaccompanied.  Please contact a member of our sales team if you have an interest in visiting a home that is currently under construction.

Are the homes currently listed on the Northwest Multiple Listing Service the only homes that JayMarc has available?

JayMarc has a great selection of homes with delivery dates throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to own a JayMarc home, please contact a member of our sales team, and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect home to fit your needs.

Do I have to be prequalified by a lender?

You do not need to be prequalified by a lender to look at our homes, but this is an important step on the path to homeownership that will be required if you find a home that meets your needs, and you want to make an offer. Getting pre-qualified helps save you valuable time by helping you understand how much you can afford to spend on a home to target your search to your price level. Please contact one of our preferred lender partners to help you in your planning for buying a new home. Our preferred lenders also offer some great programs that can be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

When I purchase a presale home, how will I know the home is on schedule?

As a team, we review all homes in production every week. A member of our sales team will be in touch regularly to update you on the home’s progress.

Does JayMarc offer a home warranty?

Every JayMarc home purchase includes our proven, steadfast commitment to Customer Care and is additionally backed by our warranty. Long after you purchase, we will be here to support your decision to own a JayMarc home. We build homes that are made to last, and we stand behind our work. See our Warranty FAQ for more information.

How big of a house can I fit on a lot?

This is a common question that most homeowners need to answer before purchasing a property. The house size allowed on a lot differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but is usually a function of lot size and plan design. To learn more about how big of a house you can build on a specific lot, review your city/county’s municipal code, or speak to a JayMarc professional.

What does feasibility mean?

Feasibility is optional but a highly recommended stage in buying a property. This is where the buyer has a window of time to conduct their due diligence on the lot and ensure that it is suitable for their purposes before the buyer’s earnest money becomes non-refundable. Common studies performed during a feasibility period would include but are not limited to; a topographic survey, testing for environmental contamination, identifying where utilities are located and whether extensions are needed, arborist reports, and wetland studies.

What should I budget for land purchase and development?

Budgeting for land purchase and development is mainly dependent on the goals you have for your home. Taking into consideration how much excavation will be required, how large of a house is to be built, utility location, and whether there will be a basement or not are all important questions to answer when purchasing land. No two lots will ever cost the same and understanding how much work is required up front will determine whether or not a piece of land fits your budget.

How can I find property in the area I want to live in?

The most common way to find land in your desired neighborhood is to regularly check new listings on websites such as Redfin and Zillow. Most listings usually come online on Thursdays, so that is always a good time to see what is available. Alternative options include sending letters to homeowners informing them that you’re interested in making an offer for their property and letting people know you are in the market to buy land. Speaking with a qualified real estate agent, well-versed in buildable lots, is always a good course of action.

How can I make a competitive offer while protecting myself?

It is common for offers to contain contingencies before a buyer’s earnest money becomes non-refundable. To make an offer as competitive as possible, narrow down your contingencies to only what you need and provide an earnest money deposit that lets the seller know you are a serious buyer. We always recommend that buyers write a feasibility period into their offer to protect their earnest money deposit and perform their due diligence before it becomes non-refundable.

What sets JayMarc Homes apart from other builders?

JayMarc Homes is a luxury full-service homebuilder in the Greater Seattle Area. Our in-house expertise and resources guide you through every part of the process: feasibility, financing, architecture, interior design, permitting, project management, field management, and customer care. 15-20 custom homes are actively under construction, allowing you to tour our homes at several different phases, seeing the quality of craftsmanship and exceptional design firsthand. The JayMarc Custom Home program was created especially for you to ensure a great experience while giving you access to our professional team and a meticulously handcrafted collection of high-end finishes and selections to complete the look of your new home.

Where do we start?

The more we know about your home project from the beginning, the better. The first step is a 15–20-minute Discovery Call. We want to know what’s important to you and how you imagine the livability of your new home. We will also review logistics like budget, timeline, location, home size, rooms, design style, architectural services, etc. This information allows us to determine if our services will accomplish your goals. If so, a meeting will be set to discuss a Preconstruction Agreement, the start of a beautiful and exciting home building journey!

I don’t own property yet, can JayMarc help me find a lot to build on?

Yes, we can assist. Our seasoned land acquisition team has better availability and resources for lots on and off the market. Every Friday, we send out an email with new potential land opportunities and floor plans that can be built on each lot. If you want to sign up for these weekly emails, click here.

What do I need to know when buying a property to build my custom home?

There are many considerations, including jurisdiction, zoning, setbacks, FAR, utilities, HOAs, neighborhood, and tree restrictions. These will affect what home you can build and the cost of developing the site. Join us for our monthly virtual Land Feasibility Workshop to learn how to do your own quick feasibility when searching for land. Register Here.

How long will it take to build a new home?

From start to finish, the process will take 14-24 months. The largest factors influencing the timeline are meeting architectural and design deadlines and the jurisdiction in which the permit is being submitted. Some cities take 3-4 months while others take 8-10 months for permit receival. Construction takes 10-12 months but can extend due to the complexity of the home.

Can we use or design our own house plan?

Yes, you may work with an outside architect or collaborate with our in-house architecture team.

Outside architect – We have a list of approved architects we will work with. If your architect is not on our list, we will go through an introduction process with the architect to see if we would be the right fit.

In-house architect – There are two ways to work with our architectural team. 1. Select a floor plan from our Floor Plan Library, consisting of 80+ exteriors and floor plans. You may build a floor plan as is or customize it to fit your needs. 2. Design a floor plan from scratch.

What is the price per square foot of a custom home?

Costs of custom homes vary based on many considerations like site development, home style, materials, interior design selections, and others. We prefer to work with clients on the total cost to build any given custom home. We suggest a starting budget of $1.5M for construction build costs.

Is it more expensive to build a custom home than buy new construction?

One is not necessarily more expensive than the other. It’s more important to know the reasoning behind why people build a custom home versus buying a move-in-ready new construction home. A custom home allows you to personalize everything and design your home the way you want it. A custom buyer is not on a restrictive timeline for moving in. A move-in-ready new construction buyer is often on a restrictive timeline or is relocating. They don’t have the time to commit to the process but want to live in a new, upgraded home. Either option will provide an opportunity for great equity.

What kind of warranty does JayMarc offer with my custom home?

Where does JayMarc build?

We generally build in the Greater Seattle Area within King County. If you do not see your location on our list of the cities we serve, please contact us to inquire about your location.

Can we make changes to our custom home during construction?

Yes, but we highly suggest buying out your project with everything selected. Making changes can cause delays in the build schedule, impact the costs and cause mistakes.

How do home construction loans work, and what is the payment schedule?

Construction loans vary for every family, based on a multitude of factors. JayMarc can put you in touch with several trusted and experienced local lenders and banks who can walk you through your situation and the loan process.

What is your fee structure and when will I know the price of my custom home?

We do have a preconstruction fee and require deposits that can be used towards first draw. Design of home, narrow it down | interior design selections/finalized plans is when we can get a firmer budget.

What time of year should I start building my custom home?

You can begin construction at any time of the year. JayMarc breaks ground on several homes each month throughout the year. Coordinated scheduling management allows each home to progress constantly, and normal seasonal weather does not affect construction. We live in the PNW and are used to building in all weather conditions. There are codes and parameters that need to be met in every home, regardless of the time of year.

How do I pick the fixtures and selections for my custom home?

Can I use personal contacts or myself to perform some work during construction?

JayMarc’s vendors are fully vetted, insured, and quality controlled. They have been working with us for years, so we only use approved vendors during our construction for warranty purposes. Our team has the best construction and delivery processes, allowing us to manage quality and provide you with a warranty after move-in. Most importantly, safety is our priority, and we do not allow unscheduled visits to the home during construction.

How do I keep track of progress during the construction of my home?

You are assigned a Project Manager and Field Manager who oversees the schedule and production of your home. After ground-breaking, your Project Manager will work out a meeting schedule with you and your Field Manager. You will receive weekly updates on the progress, including photos and schedule site visits at specific milestones.

If building materials or supplies increase in cost before or during construction, how will this affect my budget?

Can I add on extras like electric car chargers, solar energy systems, and floor heating to my home?

Absolutely. We encourage you to add items important to you.

Who is my point of contact during design and construction?

During preconstruction, you will be working with a Preconstruction Project Manager. They will introduce you to your architectural and interior designers and keep everyone on schedule. When we are about to break ground on your home, you will be assigned a Project Manager and Field Manager who oversees the construction schedule, provide you with weekly updates, and schedule site visits.

Do you build on lots requiring a daylight basement?

Yes, if the selected home plans allow for basement access, you should be able to add a basement to an existing home plan. If a lot is better suited for a daylight basement, we will encourage this design.

Can I visit my site as often as I please?

Unplanned visits could be dangerous depending on the work activity scheduled for that day and impact our ability to manage the construction schedule efficiently. To ensure a timely closing and, more importantly, for your own safety, we kindly request that all visits be escorted and scheduled in advance without exception. For your convenience, we have a few planned visits to your home during the life of construction, including an electrical and lighting walk, pre-drywall orientation, and a tile and millwork walk. Your home is in an active construction zone, and for your safety, we’d like a representative of JayMarc Homes always to escort you through the jobsite.