March 22, 2018

Premium Windows Without the High Cost

Andersen is proud to once again support the Northwest Idea House with 425 Magazine and JayMarc Homes. Working in partnership with Western Pacific Building Materials, our 100 Series windows are the perfect complement to this beautifully designed contemporary home defined by clean lines, sophisticated amenities and stunning architectural details. The marriage of beauty and functionality found in the Idea House design is one that homeowners across the area can replicate no matter their home’s style.

The style of the Idea House windows is amplified with the choice of color, featuring dramatic black interior and exterior finishes. This sets the tone from the curb and continues to impress the quality of workmanship throughout the home. Each room was carefully thought out and designed to take in the gorgeous views of Downtown Bellevue and Whaler’s Cove that surround the home, making Andersen 100 Series the perfect choice to frame each and every vantage.

The beauty of the 100 Series windows goes deeper than what you can see. Built into each unit is durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency that delivers the performance homeowners will enjoy for years to come:

Interior Windows of Dining Room in Idea House

  • Andersen 100 Series windows are made with a patented Fibrex composite material, making 100 Series windows and doors twice as strong as vinyl. Because color is added in the manufacturing process, the depth of pigment and durability mean Fibrex finishes won’t flake, peel, or weather as rapidly as vinyl.
  • Designed for all four seasons, Andersen 100 Series windows maintain their stability and rigidity in the face of weather conditions that could cause vinyl windows to bow and rack over time. That same rigidity and stability help deliver dramatic sizes and shapes that vinyl windows cannot support.
  • 100 Series windows also support energy efficiency goals in a home. A variety of glass options can be specified to meet energy needs in any region of the country and the sustainable materials used to make these windows help meet Energy Star requirements.

The beauty, quality, and durability of Andersen 100 Series windows offer all the benefits of a window upgrade without the high costs many associate with a window upgrade. To sum it up, Andersen 100 Series is the smart alternative to vinyl.

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