March 4, 2022

No Other Team Creates a Client Experience Quite Like This

Marketing and Customer Care is their name and the client experience is their game! Creating a fun, memorable experience for our viewers and customers is what they do best and you've probably seen a little bit of their work too! From educating our audience on our social platforms to ensuring a comfortable home building journey behind the scenes, these teams truly want to make every moment exceptional. 

They are passionate about delivering greatness to every person that comes in touch with JayMarc and tailoring each encounter to be extraordinarily memorable. Let's take a moment to meet these awesome individuals!

Alexa Upper 

VP of Marketing and Customer Care 

What is the most treasured thing (person, item, hobby) in your life and why?

“I treasure that my family lives in Washington. I get to see my parents (I work with my dad!), siblings, nephews and in-laws often and family moments are always the memories I cherish most.”

Is there an industry secret you can indulge us with?  

“Builders can often find ways to save you money and time, while keeping the aesthetic and quality you want in your home. Have your builder review your plan before going out to bid and permit and ask A LOT of questions. This will save you headaches and surprise costs during the build. It’s all about setting expectations early!”

Michael Keating 

Customer Care and Safety Manager 

Are there any new developments in your work lately? 

“As a company we’re always looking for new processes or best practices to improve upon how we build and deliver homes. Most recently, introducing new software to help our homeowners communicate with us; and creating how-to videos to help our homeowners in maintaining their new JayMarc home.”


What is the most treasured thing (person, item, hobby) in your life and why?

“Family is the most treasured thing in life. You may not always see eye to eye on everything; however, you always have each other to share in all of life’s journey.”

Andrew Morse 

Customer Care Specialist  

Favorite way to decompress?

“My favorite way to decompress is to go into my kids' room and play some silly game and get lost in the play world that only a 2 and 5 year old can create.”

If you have one piece of advice for someone looking to build their custom home or buy, what would it be?  

“I would tell a prospective homeowner that there is no such thing as a perfectly built home so when you are in the process of deciding to build and buy what you should be searching for is someone that will stay with you throughout the entire process, which includes the year after construction. What JayMarc does better than anyone else is we stand behind our homes, and we stand beside our homeowners.”

Kenzie Ruppert 

Marketing Specialist  

What are you looking forward to most working for JayMarc?

 “The opportunity to grow, personally and professionally. I have never seen a company that is willing to foster such strong educational opportunities for each person and value coming together as a team more than anything else. This company is truly one of a kind and I am so blessed to be a part of it.” 

What is the most treasured thing (person, item, hobby) in your life and why? 

“The ability to be around my family and friends constantly. Having family in close proximity isn’t a luxury to some people, so I try not to take for granted having my loved ones with me and to be a part of such an incredibly supportive community.” 

Ariane Montemayor 

Customer Care Coordinator  

What are you looking forward to most working for JayMarc? 

“Great opportunities, learning new things that I’m not familiar with.”

If you could give one piece of life advice to someone, what would it be and why? 

“Do not compete, do not conform, do not compare. We are created differently, we have our own way to shine.”

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