November 15, 2021

Celebrating 11 Years and the Lessons We Have Learned

Today, JayMarc Homes celebrates our 11th anniversary of being in business. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and during my first 11 years as CEO, I’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way. Every business owner and entrepreneur wants to grow faster and build a bigger business, but in homebuilding, there are all kinds of economic, financial, and cycle concerns that force us to temper our ambitions, not to mention dealing with a worldwide pandemic.  

Here are the top 5 things I’ve learned that have contributed to JayMarc’s success so far and are likely to help us stay successful as we bring on the next 11 years: 

1. Business starts and ends with service. 

We take great pride in being selected among the Top 1% in Customer Service by Houzz for the past six years in a row. Even before the start of construction, we are partnering with our client across the entire lifecycle of their home. We stand by our name and quality by carefully selecting only the best subcontractors with the highest standards in quality, craftsmanship, and customer service. 

2. Grow smart.  

At JayMarc, we’ve remained focused on slow, steady growth that allows us to develop and adopt processes that keep us organized, efficient, and productive. Winning the NHQ Silver Award in 2019 was a huge testament to our team’s efforts in creating world-class business operations. We’re looking forward to building upon our success and bringing the same rigor, creativity, and operational excellence to the custom home side of our business.  

3. Culture matters.  

Since adopting a servant-leadership mindset eight years ago, I’ve seen the impact and importance of guiding our business with a culture of genuine care for our team members’ personal and professional lives. Where we work becomes a part of who we are, and work should enrich and empower each of us. A great work-life balance and time spent with our families will energize us and lift our moods, our spirit, and our motivation for the opportunities to come. 

4. Peace of mind. 

The statistics for entrepreneurs are staggering; only 1 in 4 will be around after 15 years in business. The cause for many of these failures? A lack of cash to weather unseen storms and challenges. We can never have enough cash. Period. Cash comes by remaining consistent and constant rather than trying to have explosive growth. Growth comes at an expense, and we can only move confidently when we have the cash in hand to support us.  

5. Relationships are the key. 

JayMarc is in the people business, where every connection is extremely valuable. We could not do it without you; our clients, vendors, suppliers, bankers, investors, mentors, neighbors, city officials, and realtors… how we relate to one is how we relate to all. JayMarc treats people as we would want to be treated and we always aim to do the right thing.    

The future is bright for JayMarc, and over the next decade we are excited to expand our custom homebuilding experience, develop next-level leaders, and create a business that will continue to enrich and empower us for generations to come. As we celebrate 11 years, the word that comes to mind is “grateful” for all of those that have made our company what it is today.  

Thank you!  

Marc Rousso
JayMarc Homes

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