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What makes JayMarc different from other home builders in the area?

There are a lot of things that make JayMarc stand out amongst other builders. Most importantly, we are a full-service builder. This means we are there from start to finish to help guide you through your home building process. Our Care Through Service video offers an introduction; we have a dedicated, experienced team who knows how to make this process easy and seamless for you. Heather Caravia and Lauren Bates, our project managers, are there with you through the entire process. They help with every detail from securing a loan, to submitting permits, to selecting a floor plan, to ensuring that your home is finished on time. This is extremely helpful, especially for individuals who haven't stepped into the homebuilding arena before and don't know where to start. At JayMarc, we go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is flawless from day one.

What makes JayMarc different from other home builders in the area?
Where do I start?

It is important to start by deciding what kind of home building experience you are looking for. JayMarc Homes builds beautiful luxury homes, and we help you with every step along the way to ensure you have a great experience from start to finish. Visit our Photo Gallery and Virtual Tours page to explore different design styles and floor plan layouts. Also, stop by one of our JayMarc model homes so you can get a feel for the level of our quality finishes and the JayMarc aesthetic. It is important to know that our styles match what you seek in a custom home. Here are some additional tips from our CEO, Marc Rousso.

What kind of financing do I need to build a custom home?

When considering custom home construction, it is also very important to consider your financial situation beforehand. We recommend working with a lender on getting prequalified for a custom construction loan early on, so you can identify your actual budget. Construction loans are meant to provide temporary financing during the build process. Mortgage financing will come along after your home has been completed, and it will be used to pay off the construction loan. JayMarc Homes has preferred lenders available to you, and we can help you learn about the different kinds of construction loans.

Do I have to use a JayMarc floor plan?

Custom clients are not required to use a JayMarc floor plan. However, many of our customers do base their custom home designs on an existing JayMarc design, and make modifications from there. If you want something truly customized, we will work with your chosen architect to build a unique floor plan that suits your individual needs.

How long does it take to build a custom home?

From the time you acquire property, it takes about two years before you are actually moving into your new home. To break it down further, it takes 5-6 months (depending on the jurisdiction) to permit the plans, 4-6 months to design and ready the plans for permitting, and around 12 months to build your home. Numerous factors can also affect build time, such as permitting, environmental factors, or difficulty of the lot.

Do you have lots available?

Yes, we do. We buy land all the time, and we have many properties that we are building as finished move-in ready homes (also known as spec homes). We often find land opportunities for our custom clients. If we know what you are looking for, we may be able to find a match for your needs; however, it is also important that you continue to look for land on your own because there is not much inventory on the market right now.

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