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2024 Home Building Trends You Need to Know Before Building a Custom Home

Designing and building a custom home is a wonderful undertaking. Bringing your home vision to life, and being able to share it with your family, is something you’ll remember and be proud of for decades. 

Home building is a lengthy process and you may not know exactly what you want just yet. Let’s look at some top 2024 home building trends and see if there’s some ideas you love.

New Home Building Trends: Wellbeing Starts at Home

Homeowners like you are increasingly prioritizing well-being in their designs, emphasizing natural light, meditation spaces, and biophilic elements that connect indoor spaces with nature. Organizational spaces are also being integrated to declutter and create harmonious living environments. And that’s just the start. Let’s find out more.

Natural Light

With daylight being scientifically proven to be more potent than electric light, more and more homeowners are thinking about how their home’s architecture and window placement can optimize sunlight exposure. 

By arranging your furniture and shading, you can welcome the morning light, shield yourself from the intense afternoon heat, and ensure a peaceful darkness at night. 

Tip: We recommend placing the largest windows in rooms you frequent during the day, like the kitchen to help promote personal wellbeing. 

Meditation Rooms

If you’re looking to recenter and calm your mind, establishing a meditation room in your home is a must. Ask yourself: Where do you feel most relaxed? In well-lit, bright areas? Or somewhere that’s darker and more secluded? 

This trend in home design is leading the way in centering personal wellbeing, from choosing calming colors to the right floor cushions to keep you supported and relaxed in your personal practice. Many meditation rooms also bring in a connection with nature by including plants.

Connect With Nature With Biophilic Design

Your innate desire to connect with nature, as described by the biophilia hypothesis, is more than just a preference; it’s a need. Why not bring the healing power of the Pacific Northwest’s majestic beauty into your home?

By ensuring a seamless connection with living things, using glass to provide expansive views of the outdoors, along with green walls and indoor gardens, and incorporating natural materials in your interior design, you can create a sanctuary that rejuvenates your spirit every day.

Indoor/Outdoor Connections

Another way to bring the calm of nature into your home—and another home building trend we’re looking forward to—is expanding connections between the indoors and outdoors in your home. Some popular ways to do this include:

  • Opening up your indoor living space with glass doors
  • Using the same flooring both indoors and outdoors to create the impression of a larger indoor space
  • Extend your home to the outdoors with year-round outdoor living spaces
  • Adding plants near doorways and windows inside, as well as outside the home
Tip: If you cover your outdoor space, that same space doubles as an excellent option for entertainment across all seasons.

Include Organizational Spaces That Help You Cut the Clutter

Imagine a space where every item has its place, and there’s room to breathe. Imagine having the space to declutter built into your home. 

As you design your dream home, here’s another trend you can benefit from: Prioritize storage solutions that cater to your needs. Begin by decluttering, holding onto only what’s essential, and then craft storage spaces that reflect your lifestyle. By cutting the clutter, you pave the way for a home that’s both functional and harmonious.

2024 Home Building Trends

Make Room for Everyone: Consider Multi-Generational Living

The number of homes with two or three generations living under one roof has been rising. In 2020, more than 6 million homes were considered multi-generational dwellings. 

When you consider the cost of interest rates, skyrocketing housing prices, and that people are living longer than ever, having more than one generation living together makes good sense. 

If a home that can shelter you and your extended family makes sense, consider the following tips:

  • Accessibility. Ensure most areas of the home are easily accessible. This will ensure your family can age at home, and be comfortable, as long as possible.
  • Sound proofing. Being close to your family is good, but having clear separation from each other is essential. Be sure to incorporate highly effective soundproofing measures so no one is disrupted when they don’t want to be.

Get Paid: Why a Mortgage Helper Makes Sense as a 2024 Homebuilding Trend

Mortgage helpers are what people call extra suites built into a home that can be rented out to tenants for profit. They’re called mortgage helpers because many homeowners need ways to help with high mortgages and interest rates.

The trend of including suites in new home builds is on the rise, and for good reason. These suites, often referred to as “mortgage helpers,” present a dual benefit: potential rental income and an increase in property value.

Financially, the advantages are clear. Homeowners can collect rental income from these suites and potentially offset their monthly mortgage payments significantly. This is particularly beneficial in the Seattle area, as the average homebuyer now needs to make over $142,000 to afford a starter home.

Moreover, a home with an additional suite inherently boosts its market value. Future buyers often find properties with rental potential more appealing, viewing them not just as homes but also as investments.

Keep up with the latest trends and tips in luxury home design! Read our blog.

Remote Workers: Make Sure There’s Room to Work from Home 

The Rise of Remote Work

The post-pandemic era has seen a significant shift towards remote work, with many companies adopting a hybrid or fully remote model. The changes in how people work has led to:

  • A surge in remote job postings in 2023
  • Increased demand for homes with dedicated home office spaces
  • The rise of digital communication tools and platforms so we can work from home
  • A notable decrease in daily commutes and office-centric lifestyles

With these changes, our homes need to evolve and be able to cater to both personal and professional needs. This should be considered seriously when building a home in 2024 and homeowners should create office space that is private and comfortable.

Designing for Productivity

Creating a space that fosters productivity is crucial. Factors like natural light, noise isolation, and a comfortable setting play a pivotal role in enhancing work efficiency. 

“We’ve also seen a rising trend with the surge in work-from-home culture. Many of our clients now prefer designs that accommodate multiple workspaces, including dedicated offices, along with specialized pocket offices or study areas tailored for children,” says Erin Ellsworth, Senior Custom Interior Designer at JayMarc Homes.

Join the Tech Revolution: Ideas for Creating Smarter Homes

We all need to work smarter, not harder – even our homes. Being able to do more with less energy or human interaction is becoming more popular in modern homes.

Embrace the Smart Home Movement

The smart home revolution is in full swing, transforming everyday living into a seamless blend of technology and comfort. With the integration of smart tech, homeowners enjoy enhanced efficiency, heightened security, and unparalleled convenience.

Popular Smart Home Tech for Modern Buyers

What smart solutions are today’s homeowners drawn to? We have six innovative tech examples below.

  • Smart thermostats: Devices that intuitively adjust heating and cooling, marrying comfort with energy savings.
  • Smart lighting: This offers the ability to remotely control brightness, set schedules, and even adjust based on the day’s natural light.
  • Home security systems: Modern solutions with advanced cameras, motion sensors, and smart locks ensure peace of mind.
  • Smart appliances: Imagine refrigerators or ovens that offer remote control and monitoring capabilities.
  • Voice assistants: Think Amazon Echo or Google Home, orchestrating various smart devices with a simple voice command.
  • Automated blinds and curtains: These adjust to the day’s rhythm, optimizing energy use and ambiance.

Create a Dynamic Living Space: Design for Multipurpose Rooms

Multipurpose Rooms

Blending room functionality is another new trend in homebuilding we’re excited to see. You could create a flex space that could double (or triple) as an office, a place to entertain, and an exercise room. 

Flexible House Plan

Used to constant changes but interested in making your next home your forever home? The essence of these plans lies in the ability to decide which areas of the home should exude privacy and which should be more welcoming to visitors.

For instance, while some homeowners might prioritize a secluded kitchen to keep potential clutter out of sight, others might opt for an open-plan design, relishing the opportunity to interact with guests while cooking. It’s all a matter of personal preference. Or, to have the best of both worlds, consider an open-concept kitchen with a luxurious butler’s pantry off to the side.

What New Trends in Homebuilding Are You Excited About? 

Building a custom home gives you the freedom to create a home exactly how you want it, including incorporating the latest trends you love. Once you know what you want, or at least what you’d like to see in your home, speak with a designer who can help you bring that vision to fruition.

At JayMarc Homes, we’re custom home builders in the Pacific Northwest that love helping people design and build houses they’re proud to call home for decades. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners realize their custom homes dreams, and we can help you too.

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