Tony Radovich

Custom Project Manager
Tone Lōc

Tony has over 25 years of experience in the housing industry. Trained as an architect and senior manager, he has excelled at leading large teams of people and getting challenging projects done. Having flourished as an award-winning designer and has been a leading trainer and technical reviewer, Tony has a deep knowledge of how all sorts of buildings get put together. As Tony leaped forward in his career, eventually opening a successful branch office for one of his former companies, he became engrossed with what it takes to meet and exceed his customer’s needs. And he particularly enjoyed fulfilling his custom homes clients’ hopes, dreams, and wishes. Tony cares deeply about always doing whatever it takes to fulfill his customer’s needs. As accomplished as Tony is on the front end of a project, his actual love of the building industry relates entirely to seeing the finished product being completed and a happy customer taking possession of their wonderful new home, and he gets great pleasure from doing whatever it takes to make that happen.

Tony enjoys a robust family life with his wife and three school-age children when he is not working.