Morgan Stine

Custom Project Manager
Captain Morgan

Morgan Stine is proud to be a Custom Project Management Team member here at JayMarc Custom Homes. He is an accomplished builder and former business owner who has successfully managed countless custom residential and light commercial projects throughout her career. As a Custom Project Manager, he has a keen eye for detail, design and a deep understanding of the building process. Since 2003 he has overseen the construction of some of the most impressive properties in the greater Los Angeles and Seattle Metropolitan areas.

His expertise extends beyond construction and interior design basics to include sustainable building techniques and cutting-edge technologies that elevate each project to the next level. In addition to his work in residential construction, Morgan has also built a reputation as a specialist in custom recording and dance studios, as well as building creative workspaces, one of which was featured in Interior Design Magazine. He understands the unique requirements of these specialized environments, from soundproofing and acoustic treatments to lighting and workspace design.

When he’s not managing projects, Morgan enjoys spending time with his wife and their beloved Pitbull, Molly. They reside in North Seattle, where they enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring the Pacific Northwest. Morgan is also an accomplished musician and audio engineer who enjoys spending his free time writing, recording, and mixing music for fun.