Mandi Highland

Custom Homes Assistant
First Responder

Mandi has been supporting the Custom Homes department with JayMarc for a few years. Before joining JayMarc, Mandi worked for 12 years as a Dental Assistant and Front Office Manager in the dental industry. She also spent 11 years with the Sumner School District as an Administrative Assistant and Office Manager. She enjoys working with people and helping them achieve happiness and joy! She is task-oriented and works hard to excel in everything she does. She loves helping people celebrate their milestones in building the home of their dreams.

Mandi loves spending time with her family. They are very close with extended family and enjoy creating memories and experiences together. She enjoys traveling, lots of sports, winter skiing and sledding, summer boating, water activities, and glamping! She has been with her husband since high school, married for 24 years. She has two children, Alec (19) and RyLynn (9). Mandi’s greatest achievement is being a loving mom and present wife and mom to her husband and children. A fun fact about Mandi is she only eats Twix candy bars in the specific order of caramel first, chocolate off the sides, and then the cookie!