Kenady Hague

Custom Project Manager
Chief of Staff

Kenady Hague is a Custom Homes Project Manager with a passion for all things in home design and building. She possesses strong organizational and communication skills and a proven track record of effectively managing client relationships. Past work experience, managing a growing mid-sized law firm where she successfully led operations, managed staff, budgets, and strategic growth objectives, prepared Kenady for the multifaceted responsibilities, tasks, people, situations, and challenges presented in any custom home journey. Kenady thrives on learning and growth, which has enabled her to pivot and explore throughout her career, adding color, variety, and breadth to her applicable skillset.

She is a hard worker who prides herself on achieving results and delivering value to her clients and colleagues. As a Custom Home Project Manager, Kenady’s responsibilities include all aspects of the administrative functions during a build, from ordering materials, reviewing vendor proposals, issuing contracts, verifying monthly invoices, processing the bank draws, and supporting her Field Manager partners. She communicates regularly with her clients and trade partners to inform them of the project’s progress and prepare for the upcoming schedule and expectations.

Kenady is originally from Tucson, Arizona. She moved to the Seattle area eight years ago with her family. Kenady likes to hang out with her grown kids in her spare time, play tennis, hike, and ski. She loves the spectacular PNW and is grateful to call it home.