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Homebuyer Testimonials

We enjoyed our experience with JayMarc. The team was knowledgable and if there was something new we were tackling they made every effort to get the information needed. They were flexible and patient. Building a home is time consuming, emotional and fluid, so we appreciated JayMarc's support, knowledge and professionalism.
Parcel Family | JayMarc Custom Homeowner
We were a little hesitant about doing a custom home at first because it was a little out of our budget, but JayMarc worked with us and came up with a plan to make changes from their normal classic package to suit our needs. They really got to know us and got to know what we liked which showed in the designs and final product. The house came out amazing, on par with any JayMarc signature house we have toured. Communication, mostly through Heather Caravia, leading up to and during the build was amazing. Customer service was amazing throughout and after the fact. They strived to make us happy. We have only had one custom home built, but it is hard to imagine another company doing it better.
Perry Family | JayMarc Custom Homeowner
We are fortunate to have designed several homes for JayMarc and their custom clients. After this experience, we are pleased to provide the following recommendation: If building your home on schedule and within budget is important to you, if you value world-class customer service and timely communication, and if you are looking for a builder who has cultivated relationships with the most skilled craftsmen, architects and interior designers, please consider JayMarc Homes.
McCullough Architects | Architect
The help we received in planning the house couldn't have been better. Having never built a house, it was nice to have a home builder who kept our best interests in mind. JayMarc is a big step above other local builders in quality. JayMarc is right. Love where you live! And we do.
Brangwin Family | JayMarc Custom Homeowner
We were in the market for a new home and JayMarc's new constructions caught our eye over and over again. The toughest decision was picking which one of their houses. During closing and even months after, the JayMarc team has constantly been reaching out to us to make our move-in a breeze and gave us home maintenance tips. It makes us feel that they really care about their projects and reputation and are proud of what they do. Thank you JayMarc team for building our gorgeous new home!
Liu Family | JayMarc Homeowner
"From the time I went under contract, all through the closing process and then the closing, was a wonderful experience. I have purchased new construction 3 other times in the past 20 years and those experiences did not even come close to the amazing experience I have had with JayMarc. One of the things I have appreciated the most is the unbelievable customer service. With new construction there are so many moving parts to it and it can be a little overwhelming. JayMarc has been so patient and accommodating about every little detail. From the inspection walk throughs to the explanations of using certain things in the house-the hands on approach you have has been 5-Star all the way. I honestly could write an entire chapter on the experience I have had with JayMarc Homes. I don't know how JayMarc has created such a positive entity from the ground up but you all have done it!!!! Thank you for making me feel so appreciated as one of your homebuyers. I could only hope that everyone buying a new home would have the experience I have had and continue to have."
Debbie Stevens | JayMarc Homeowner
Thomas Family Mercer Island Custom Home Testimonial
"We are very happy with our new custom home built by JayMarc. The entire process from beginning to end was great. Our custom "homie" was with us every step of the way to help guide us through the process. Our designer was amazing as was her assistant. They helped in making A LOT of decisions easy and painless. Marc was also there for us to answer any questions we might have and always with a smile and a hug. We consider the entire JayMarc team good friends--how many people can say that about their builder! I don't think any project goes off without a hiccup or two, but the way those hiccups are handled is extremely important and we felt like JayMarc handled them well. JayMarc finished our home on time UNDER budget--amazing. Their little touches along the way getting us excited about our new home and then welcoming us with special gifts for us and our 3 children was above and beyond our expectations. Their finishes and attention to detail are beautiful. The vendors they source are easy to work with, friendly and have a large variety of materials and choices to choose from if you are building a custom home. We have not had many problems with the home since moving in, however, when we have had an issue their friendly staff has been there to take care of them. If you are looking for a high-end, high quality home builder who puts their customers first and truly treats them like family then look no further than JayMarc Homes."
Kim Thomas | JayMarc Custom Homeowner
I have worked with JayMarc since 2004. I have designed more than 50 homes for them. I have seen them grow from a partnership of longtime friends to a powerhouse builder of high-end luxury spec and custom homes with an outstanding staff of over 30 building-industry pros. They have grown by treating their customers, employees and consultants with careful attention, honesty and respect. They are straight shooters in a tough business and that is refreshing to work with! JayMarc Homes provides excellent customer service and builds and excellent house. I am proud to be a "JayMarchitect"!
Jeffrey deRoulet, Architects Northwest | Architect
"JayMarc provided us with great professional advice. The flexible choices of interior design helped us to add personal touches to our home. The quality of the customer service also made a complex process much easier. We would recommend JayMarc to our friends based on our own experience with the company. JayMarc has a great team of professionals to work with. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy, are very honest at giving out professional advice, and JayMarc has great customer service during and after construction."
Weijun Wang & Wei Li | JayMarc Homeowners
Garner Family Mercer Island JayMarc Custom Home Homeowner
"Choosing the right builder for our first custom home could have been a daunting task. Once we met with Marc, we immediately felt a strong level of trust and a genuine connection. Turns out, our instincts were right on, and our relationship with JayMarc Homes has been and continues to be outstanding. From day one, to now, almost one year in our new home, we feel part of their larger family. Not only did JayMarc build a spectacular custom home for us, they continue to follow up on a regular basis, ensuring that we are happy and feel comfortable in our new home. We wanted a custom home, so naturally, that required quite a bit of dialogue during the actual building process. I always felt welcomed and well received during the process. The design and build teams were fantastic to work with. Instead of hearing "no, we can't do that" we were always met with "lets see how we can make that work". That's the level of professionalism we expected, and the JayMarc Homes team went well beyond that throughout the entire process. There is no doubt in our minds that we have already built equity due to the exceptional quality of our Jay Marc Home. JayMarc went out of their way to please us, and to make our home truly one-of-a-kind. After this experience, I doubt we will ever live in anything but a custom built home, and certainly, we are committed to JayMarc Homes now and in the future. We highly recommend JayMarc Homes to our close friends and family, whom we only want the very best for, so naturally, if anyone was looking at building a custom home - JayMarc Homes is the way to go. Their level of commitment, integrity & dedication to their clients and employees make it a simply decision. "
The Garner Family | JayMarc Custom Homeowners
"We have watched our street and neighborhood transform over these last 15 years with new homes being built with new families moving in. When we decided to move forward we had gotten ahold of 5 contractors to tear down our old house and build a new one. We ended up using JayMarc and we have had the most pleasant experience.( we had heard horror stories from our neighbors about their experiences) The entire team at JayMarc where very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They did what they said they would do- even if something was not quite right they did every thing to make it so- no confrontation, negativity or attitude. When stopping by the project to take a look at things- even the sub contractors were great. I enjoyed talking to them and they showed pride in their work. We enjoyed the process as they took the time to go over what to expect along with a timeline. With the craftsmanship and beautiful finishes we are very pleased with our new home and if I had to do it again- no doubt in my mind we would have JayMarc do it again."
Jill Clark & Henry DeHoog | JayMarc Custom Homeowners
The Florence Avante Exterior JayMarc Homes
"We moved into our JayMarc home approximately two years ago and couldn't be happier. We chose to purchase the home because of its location as well as its design and layout. Furthermore, the quality of the build was remarkable. Perhaps most importantly, the customer service provided by JayMarc has been absolutely top-notch! Representatives from the company have immediately responded to all of our questions and concerns and have gone out of their way to facilitate our move into this new home. We would recommend JayMarc without any reservations whatsoever!"
Sarah Menashe | JayMarc Homeowner
We purchased our home from JayMarc in 2012 and more than three years later, we are still more than satisfied with our purchase and experience with JayMarc Homes. We didn't have a lot of experience working with homebuilders, but we can definitely say that JayMarc not only met, but exceeded our expectations. Their interest and care in the building of our home was felt throughout the entire home building process. What really separated JayMarc Homes in our mind was the dedication to our satisfaction that went beyond tiles and light fixtures. Before even breaking ground, we asked for changes to the design of the front elevation. We were interested in a slightly different look than what was already planned and they made it happen. Three years later, we are still in love with our home and remain in close touch with the folks at JayMarc. We recently attended their 5 Years of Building Celebration and congratulate them on earning the Houzz Best Customer Service Award for 2016. Well earned.
The Richey Family
Phong Lan Bui Family Redmond JayMarc Homeowners
"My family has had the amazing experience with JayMarc. One of the things we have appreciated the most is the unbelievable customer service. Anything that we needed fixed was fixed immediately and with care. Also, JayMarc products are of highest quality, certainly exceeded our expectations. We truly love our home!"
Phong Lan Bui | JayMarc Homeowner
"JayMarc did a great job with our home. The quality of the craftsmanship is great. I fell in love with their woodwork and trim finish. Actually all the subcontractors are also great, high quality folks and we really couldn't be happier. We got a custom home finish at a reasonable price. I look forward to seeing JayMarc continue to grow."
Paula Reck | JayMarc Homeowner
The Brisbane Exterior JayMarc Homes
"The entire purchasing process was extremely pleasant and smooth with JayMarc. The day we closed, Marc took us on a personal tour, explaining the amazing craftsmanship and many creature comforts. JayMarc is spot-on with quality and affordable recommendations. Every person that we have interacted with at JayMarc has been super helpful and friendly. We had some questions after initially moving-in and Jeremy, the building superintendent, came over in person to answer. JayMarc Warranty Service is second to none! Anything that we needed fixed was fixed immediately and with care. Whenever we have a question and leave a voicemail or email, someone always responds in less than 24-hours. You will not be disappointed, only pleasantly surprised if you build with JayMarc Homes. You can truly build your entire dream home from A to Z. The experience will be pleasant and you will get your questions/issues answered/rectified in a timely fashion. JayMarc is easy to work with and their products are of highest quality. You will definitely 'Love Where you Live!'"
The Abraham Family | JayMarc Homeowners
"JayMarc Homes made the whole process a seamless transition for our family."
The Kao Saechao Family | JayMarc Homeowners
Will & Cassie Kinson with the new keys to their new JayMarc home.
"Buying a home can be a stressful time but I have to say that JayMarc made the process seamless and pain free! We could not ask for a better group of professionals that truly do care about the needs of their buyers, and are willing to go the extra mile. We are thrilled about our new home and the quality has certainly exceeded our expectations."
Will & Cassie Kinson | JayMarc Homeowners
"JayMarc and their team of customer service is top notch. They are very professional and reasonable and the quality of the house is superb. I am also very impressed with their communication and follow-up! There are just not enough words to go on to explain how satisfied and happy I am with JayMarc and I wish JayMarc continued success."
Anthony D. | JayMarc Homeowner
Debbie Kinson, real estate agent serving JayMarc Homes
"I recently had the pleasure of selling two JayMarc homes and the experience was way beyond my expectations - from the listing agent, job superintendent, and customer service rep to even the builder. My buyers and I could not have been more impressed. From a selling agent's standpoint, the product sold itself and JayMarc's support team made the whole transaction smooth and easy. I have already contacted two other buyers in hopes of selling more JayMarc Homes."
Debbie Kinson | Real Estate Agent serving JayMarc Homes
Bill and Joanne Stewart, real estate agents serving JayMarc Homes
"What a fantastic experience ... We were overwhelmed with the great service, not only as agents, but as we saw the builder take care of every detail to a successful close."
Bill and Joanne Stewart | Real Estate Agents serving Jaymarc Homes