January 1, 2022

Top Tips for Building a Custom Home in 2022

New Year, New House! Building a custom home is a goal many people are looking to achieve in 2022, so JayMarc wants to share our top tips to help you accomplish it!

Establish the non-negotiables in your design. There may be times where you might need to sacrifice a certain design feature in order to maintain a solid budget, so having a list of non-negotiables before building will help you get what you want without breaking the bank.

Find developable land to build on. Many people who own land or are looking to buy property don’t know the hidden hazards that mark a property unbuildable. Research the hazards or find a land acquisition specialist to help you look for feasible land.

Introduce your architect to your builder ASAP! Often times, going through an independent architect can pose problems to the home builder when structural and design features are miscommunicated. Avoid this headache by introducing your architect to your home builder early in the process or using an in-house architect.

Be realistic about the cost of each stage. Certain phases in the process might be increasingly spendy due to fluctuations in material costs, land development expenditures and time delays. Having a financial cushion behind the initial cost of the building process will help quell any fears that arise.

When it comes to permitting, patience is key! Permitting is a process that EVERY house needs to go through before land development, structural construction and many other things. People tend to underestimate how long this process takes and it varies based on location. For example, wait times in King County can be months long.

Customizing a pre-designed layout decreases risk. One way to ease the stress of custom home building would be to choose a floor plan from a home builder and customize certain aspects of it. This allows more flexibility with budget and timeline since the home builder knows what to expect and you have a tangible idea of the end result. JayMarc has a library of floor plans that can be customized: just visit

Be prepared for the emotions that come with building a home! There will be high emotions and low emotions that come with each phase. This is inevitable! For example, breaking ground is a very high emotion while permitting can be a low emotion. Knowing what to expect will help you understand how to navigate these feelings with ease.

These are just a few of the tips JayMarc has for potential custom homeowners and we want to make sure we prepare you in the best way possible for your experience!

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