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Do You Have Closet Envy? (We Do!)

Categories: Home Trends, Things We Love | Posted: September 28, 2015

What better way to start off the Autumn season with a well-organized closet!? It can be a pain to reorganize after putting away Summer clothes and replacing them with Fall/Winter attire. Zillow Digs has announced the top closet trends for 2015 and what you should ditch. Take a look and see how you can make what usually is a daunting task, a fun opportunity to start fresh!

Top closet trends for 2015

  • Transparent storage materials | Transparent storage materials such as frosted doors and see-through drawers will gain popularity among homeowners and in big-box stores this year.



  • Split or his-and-hers finishes | Split closets with contrasting finishes and color palates will become all the rage, especially in bedrooms. Expect to see a rise in warm white paint tones and metallic accents contrasted with dark wood or leather finishes for a clean, but personalized, look.




  • Spotlight lighting | Predicted to become the go-to closet lighting this year, directed lighting or spotlights are both functional and stylish. Spotlights also help create boutique-like ambiance that so many homeowners are gravitating to in their closet spaces.






Three fads to replace

  1. Behind-door storage | Hiding everything behind a small closed door is a thing of the past. Expect to see homeowners experimenting with large sliding doors and curtains, or even expanding closets into a larger space to better showcase and find their favorite items.
  2. Basic setups | Homeowners will want to go beyond the “closet in a box” arrangement and add their own custom touches or creative flair to organization spaces. Designers anticipate wire racking mixed with woven baskets or custom wood finishes to grow in popularity this year.
  3. Dark closets | Closets with minimal lighting or heavy doors that keep natural light out are quickly headed out of style. With the rise of transparent materials, homeowners will want an accessible closet where they can easily find belongings and enjoy how they’re displayed.


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