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2015 Mercer Island Adventure Playground!

Categories: Events | Posted: July 6, 2015

The famous Adventure Playground is back! JayMarc Homes is always excited to be the official sponsor of this event. If you are not familiar with Adventure Playground, “[it] is a one of a kind play area that allows kids to create their own play adventure. Nestled in the wooded forest of Deane’s Children’s Park, children are provided toolboxes, various building supplies, safety items and the freedom to create build-it-yourself play zones with the guidance of Staff.”

Pictured below are creations from 2014’s Adventure Playground!



  • Location: Deane’s Children’s Park (5500 Island Crest Way)
  • Dates: June 30th to August 27th (Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays) from 1pm to 4pm | Closed July 3rd & July 12th
  • Dates: September 13th to 27th (Sundays Only) from 1pm to 4pm | Closed September 6th
  • Required: Closed toed shoes. No one will be allowed into Adventure Playground wearing open toed shoes such as sandals.
  • Ages: Children under 12 must be with a parent. Children must be 12 years of age to be left unsupervised.


Come prepared!

Download the child participation waiver here. It must be on file, and can be signed once to cover the entire Summer.

Download Adventure Playground Rules here.


We can’t wait to see the fun forts you create this year! Have a blast building!

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