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1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

Categories: Meet the JayMarc Team | Posted: October 12, 2017

JayMarc Homes Chili Cook-Off

JayMarc started a new Fall tradition this year, JayMarc’s Chili Cook-Off! The cook-off consisted of five chili contestants, Aimee Upper (Orchestrator of Awesomeness), Amy Coate (Extraordin-Amy), David Young (Deputy Dave), Heather Caravia (Custom Homie) and Aretha Luong (Crunch Berry). From silky texture to tantalizing spice, each contestant put their heart and soul into their homemade dishes.

Chili Cook-Off Contestants

Aimee Upper, Heather Caravia, David Young, Aretha Luong, Amy Coate

Each chili was rated anonymously on a scale of “ehh” to “awesome”. All chilis provided individuality and were enjoyed immensely, but there could only be one winner…

Chili Cook-Off Score Card JayMarc Homes Chili Cook-Off


First place was taken by Aretha Luong and in a close second was Amy Coate! Thank you to all who participated. Our bellies were full of chili goodness. Looking forward to next year!


Chili Cook-Off Winners

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