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You know instinctively that your land is valuable, but you may not understand how to evaluate it.  Land development in the Pacific Northwest can be a complex process. Some of the features that make this area such a desirable place to live—proximity to mountains, water, and wildlife—present unique challenges when deciding to develop land. In addition, zoning restrictions, traffic regulations, and the availability of utilities vary greatly from county to county, and from city to city.

We're here to help.  Whether you are planning for the future or are ready to begin today, JayMarc Homes can help you understand the steps involved and guide you through the process:



If JayMarc Homes contacts you directly, we believe your property may be underutilized and could potentially be a successful location for future development. If you feel your land may have value, you may also contact us for an evaluation of your land.


We schedule a time to meet in person and discuss the potential use of your land. This is a chance to get to know one another, answer any initial questions, and allow you to determine if developing your land is the right decision.  At this point, you are under no obligation whatsoever.


We assess your property with our engineers and specialists to determine how your land could best be developed.


If all meets with your approval, JayMarc Homes prepares a contract detailing the compensation and terms. You have ample time to review this important document with your accountant, attorney, and family members to ensure everyone is comfortable with the decision.


Once the terms are in place, we begin the job of transforming your parcel into a market-ready development. You are kept well informed with updates on the progress. The transaction is usually complete in 12 – 18 months.


Contact Jay@JayMarcHomes.com or Bev@JayMarcHomes.com for more information.