About JayMarc


Our Values

Every JayMarc team member strives to live the five JayMarc Values every day.  Here is what we believe:  


DELIVER THE EXTRAORDINARY: We hold our service and homes to high standards, and do the little things that are above and beyond what is expected.

OPEN AND HONEST RELATIONSHIP: We value strong relationships in all areas, involving managers, customers, subcontractors, vendors, agents, team members, bankers and investors. These relationships distinguish our company with such traits as integrity, compassion, friendliness and loyalty.

BE HUMBLE AND GIVE BACK: We are grateful for the success that comes our way because it comes from the accumulation of hard work. We believe in giving back to the community that we are a part of.

POSITIVE TEAM AND FAMILY ENVIRONMENT: Our environment is friendly, warm and fun because we emphasize a culture of both team and family. Everyone leads by example with each team member taking care of each other.

PERSONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: Personal and professional growth among our employees, subcontractors, vendors, and agents is extremely important. Our goal is to encourage them to stretch to new heights because the more they grow, the more they benefit.


Living these values creates an environment and culture where our team members love where they work!