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Demolishing Cancer with CanCan Education Program

Categories: Giving Back | Posted: December 28, 2016

CanCan Rivkin Center


Last September, CanCan, an ovarian and breast cancer education program merged with the Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer and hosted a fundraiser to raise money for the Rivkin Center program. 100% of the proceeds went towards the program. The event raised $400,000! What an exciting accomplishment!

An exciting part of the night was the Raise Your Paddles portion where everyone was invited to bid on items. JayMarc Homes participated in the event this year, donating two demolition experiences where you get to sit in an excavator and help the JayMarc team demolish a home!

Last week, the first family to purchase the demolition experience got to help demolish a home in Bellevue. After putting on their JayMarc hard hats, Ryan & Pratika Iyer got to business and spent most of the morning demolishing a home with the help of Rino Construction. It was a joy to watch and everyone had a great time!

Scroll down for some fun videos and a live video of the demolition!


Patrika & Ryan Iver CanCan Event

Pratika & Ryan Iyer in front of the home about to get demolished.


Pratika Demolishing the home

Pratika demolishing the garage.


Ryan demolishing the home

Ryan taking a go at demolishing the home.


A big shout out to Rino Construction for taking the video and helping out with the demolition.


JayMarc Homes is very proud to have contributed to the Rivkin Center and CanCan program and help in the fight to demolish cancer!

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