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Interest Rates on the Rise – What Does This Mean For You?

Categories: Home How To's, In the News | Posted: March 16, 2017

If you have never heard of The Skimm, let me enlighten you. It’s a daily email sent to your inbox that compiles important world news stories and parses them down into bite sized chunks. I love The Skimm, and was happy to see a snippet today about something that is relevant to the Real Estate industry.

Yesterday, The Fed increased interest rates again. Since the financial crisis in 2008, the economy has been slowly but surely rebuilding itself, and the announcement yesterday shows that our economy is continuing along a predictable path. Though some may see rising interest rates as a sign that it will become more difficult to make big investments, what it really means is our economy is thriving and the market is responding positively to those changes.

Now, don’t panic. Even with the recent quarter-point increase, interest rates are still historically very low.  This means it’s still a great time to borrow money from the government for smart purchases, (like a JayMarc Home!)

Image result for home buildingInvesting in real estate and home ownership is a wise decision because it’s what is called an appreciating asset. Over time, your home and the land it is built on will increase in value, meaning when you are ready to sell, you will get more money for it than you originally paid. Cars, for example are depreciating assets, because as you drive them and put miles on them, they lose a lot of their value.

Some expected The Fed to respond to market changes with a more aggressive rate increase, so the fact that they are increasing rates slowly and steadily shows that market economics are reacting in a predictable manner, which is good for everyone.

JayMarc opts to build homes in neighborhoods that we know will appreciate over the years. We build in districts with the best schools, great walkability, and lowest crime rates so we know our homeowners will want to live there for years. Now is a great time to buy because The Fed is planning on raising interest rates two more times in 2017.

If you are interested in learning about how you can take advantage of this great time to invest in real estate, JayMarc is hosting a Custom Home Seminar on Saturday March 25th where we will talk about finding land, the process of building a home, and custom construction loans. Please RSVP to We hope to see you there!

Living Well in Seattle

Categories: In the News, Recognition & Awards | Posted: April 19, 2016

Living Well in Seattle JayMarc Homes as seen in Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair

JayMarc Homes was recently featured in the April 2016 issues of Architectural Digest and Vanity Fair. Building a custom home should be an exciting and memorable time, not worrisome and stressful. JayMarc provides a program that easily guides you through the process so you can feel confident in your selections, timeline and the team building your home.

Living Well in Seattle JayMarc Homes Architectural Digest & Vanity Fair

Jay Mezistrano and Marc Rousso share a passion for building, exemplified in their award-winning, luxurious, well-designed homes. But it’s their passion for building relationships that differentiates this builder from the rest.

JayMarc Homes is the result of, first, a friendship. Mezistrano and Rousso met in college only to discover 20 years earlier they had been crib-mates during their grandmothers’ weekly card games. The duo’s business partnership transitioned from a DJ service, to renovating and selling homes, to land development and finally, to JayMarc Homes.

Although only five years old, JayMarc Homes is the result of Mezistrano and Rousso’s 25-year business partnership. Already they have attracted 30 of the industry’s best and brightest employees, resulting in more than 250 years of joint experience.

In addition to building a great team, JayMarc Homes has built enviable, lifelong client relationships. “Once they come into our fold, we treat everybody like family,” Rousso says. The JayMarc team takes clients under their wings, turning what is often an experience fraught with stress into something that’s easy, exciting and fun.

Building a custom home with JayMarc is truly a customer-centric experience. Staff specialists — who regularly go the extra mile — delight in wowing and surprising, and truly care about their customers. They see their clients through the entire process of building their home.

With four bedrooms, at least three baths, bonus rooms on the top floor, large mudrooms and kitchens with huge islands that open into great rooms, JayMarc homes are luxurious while still being very livable.

Mezistrano and Rousso, who live in JayMarc homes, take pride in being a local company that employs Seattle’s best. The result? Beautiful, well-designed and well-built homes.


Architectural Digest April 2016Vanity Fair April 2016


If you are interested in building a custom home with JayMarc, please Contact Brenda at 425.615.6203 or! You can also use the Contact Us form to text with Brenda about your future home plans!

All-cash Buyers Dominate Region’s Luxury Home Market

Categories: In the News | Posted: March 3, 2016


All-cash buyers dominate region’s luxury home market

Puget Sound Business Journal | Marc Stiles

Nearly two-thirds of the people who bought high-end homes last year in the Seattle area paid cash. Thirty-nine percent of the buyers were from overseas, primarily China. And most buyers were business owners, though nearly a tenth of them were entertainers and athletes.

These are the estimates of Windermere Real Estate, which based the numbers on its involvement in 25 of the region’s 34 homes sales worth $5 million or more. In 2014, there were 31 such sales.


Meydenbauer Area Residential

The highest priced home currently on the market | MLS# 596799

Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at Zillow (NasdaqL Z, ZG), thinks the national luxury home market will cool down this year, with growth in values slowing. But Windermere President OB Jacobi thinks demand in the region will remain high.

“With so many companies hiring, and no one wanting to leave, we expect the trends of 2015 to carry on through 2016,” Jacobi said in a press release that Windermere put out Thursday.

The influx of international buyers boosted the region’s luxury market, but local buyers moved faster. Seven of the 34 houses sold in 10 days or less, and six of these buyers were local.

Bellevue, WA

All but five of the 34 sales were on the Eastside, with Mercer Island and Bellevue leading the way with seven luxury sales each. Clyde Hill had five, Medina had four, and Yarrow Point and Hunts Point had three each. Seattle had four, and San Juan Island had one.

In 2015, the biggest sale was a $13.8 million waterfront estate on Mercer Island. It was on the market for just over two years, according to a report by the Realogics Sotheby’s brokerage.

Currently, the highest priced home on the market is a $32.8 million Bellevue mansion on Meydenbauer Bay.


Do you agree with Aaron Terrazas or OB Jacobi regarding the pace of the 2016 luxury home market? Post your thoughts below!

JayMarc Homes is Mercer Island Business of the Year

Categories: In the News, Recognition & Awards | Posted: December 9, 2015

Everyone from the JayMarc team is excited to announce that JayMarc Homes won the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award! We are humbled to have received the award and truly love the community we work and build in.

The full Mercer Island Reporter article is below or click here.


JayMarc is Mercer Island Business of the Year

The JayMarc Homes team at their local Mercer Island office.


Island builder and developer JayMarc Homes won the Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award after a 2015 filled with philanthropy and controversy.

Founded by Islanders Jay Mezistrano and Marc Rousso, who have been business partners for 25 years, JayMarc builds between 30 and 45 homes a year in the $1.8 million to $3 million range in Mercer Island and West Bellevue. The company specializes in move-in ready, pre-sale and custom homes.

About 40 percent of its business is currently on Mercer Island, and the luxury homes it has built have been featured in many local media sources including the Reporter and the Seattle Times, noting the trend of demolishing older homes and rebuilding one or multiple modern homes in their place.

This trend has recently become a City Council agenda topic. Deputy Mayor Dan Grausz propossed a residential moratorium to start a community conversation about limiting the size and number of homes in Island neighborhoods to preserve their character.

Development activity is needed to fund city services. JayMarc Homes contributes to the city financially by paying a significant amount in permitting fees for new homes, contributing to emergency services, schools and more.

“By building beautiful homes on Mercer Island, JayMarc Homes also contributes to the increase of property values and improving neighborhoods by bringing in successful young families that will grow alongside this vibrant and welcoming community,” according to the company.

JayMarc won the Chamber award in part because of its charitable efforts. One of the core company values is “Be Humble and Give Back.”

JayMarc supports the Mercer Island Parks and Recreation Department by sponsoring Mostly Music in the Park and Adventure Playground, which Rousso said is his favorite.

The company also supports the Mercer Island Preschool Association, Farmers Market, Food Pantry, Youth and Family Services, Little League and Youth Theater Northwest. Other sponsorships include Cycle the Wave, Summer Search, the Boys and Girls Club, Toys for Tots, Obliteride, and numerous Mercer Island and Bellevue schools.

This year, JayMarc gave back to the community in a very unique way, by preserving the oldest grand house on the Island. The ‘Symphony House,’ located on West Mercer Way and built in 1910, needed a little TLC, but is now ready to be occupied by a family.

Rousso said it was nice to be recognized for the company’s philanthropic work, but that winning awards isn’t why the company undertakes those efforts.

“That’s who we are and those are our values,” he said.

Still, he said the award means a little something extra as a resident of the Island community, and as “a builder and developer at a time when people don’t like building and development.” He said he is “proud and grateful” for the award.

by Katie Metzger Mercer Island Reporter Staff Writer

Top Seattle Neighborhoods for $1 Million Home Sales

Categories: In the News | Posted: November 30, 2015

Puget Sound Business Journal released an article for the “Top Seattle-area neighborhoods for $1 million home sales“. Read the article below or click here!


Top Seattle-area Neighborhoods for $1 million home sales

The definition of a luxury home is changing.

As recently as five years ago home sales of more than $1 million were relatively unusual in the Puget Sound region. They’re now becoming the norm.

In some areas, particularly on the Eastside, the number of homes that have sold for more than $1 million are up more than 100 percent compared to last year, according to residential real estate agency Coldwell Banker Bain.

The Parthenon home design by JayMarc Homes

The Parthenon home design by JayMarc Homes. Now available in Bellevue.

“Luxury in Seattle is definitely $3 million or more,” said Tere Foster, a real estate agent with Windermere who represents many luxury homes around the region.

The dramatic shift largely boils down to two big reasons: Silicon Valley tech executives moving to the region are driving up the number of multi-million-dollar sales. International buyers, particularly those from China, are also scooping up Puget Sound-area real estate.

We took a look at this trend for this week’s print edition of the Puget Sound Business Journal, in a package called “The Year of the Luxury Home.” We also give you a glimpse inside one of those homes – owned by NBA legend Lenny Wilkens and his wife Marilyn – in this week’s NW Homes feature. Catch them both on Friday.

For a sneak peak of the Wilken’s home, click here.


The Bodrum home design by JayMarc Homes. This award winning home design is available in Bellevue.

In the data presented in the slideshow here – which measures homes sold for more than $1 million from the last quarter of 2014 to the third quarter of 2015 – you can see where the most $1 million-plus homes sold.

In some cases, the increase in the number of homes that sold for more than $1 million is dramatic. Woodinville, for example, had a 117 percent increase in $1 million home sales.

In other places, such as Medina, it stayed pretty much the same.

More than 1,800 homes sold for more than $1 million across the region over the past year. That’s a jump of 34 percent.

Curious where the most affluent neighborhoods in the region are located? Click here for a list.

Article by Emily Parkhurst for Puget Sound Business Journal


What are your thoughts on the booming luxury real estate market? Comment below.

Seattle Boom in Luxury Real Estate

Categories: In the News | Posted: October 12, 2015


Luxury Daily recently posted an article about how Atlanta & Seattle real estate emerge as growing affluent hubs for luxury real estate. The article specifically stated the following about the Seattle area:

“Seattle has again experienced a boost as a result of the business and stock market success of local companies, Microsoft and Amazon chief among them, with Adobe Systems and Tableau Software also of note. The city has also benefited from Facebook and Google’s new offices, as well as from Asian buyers, although one should not be quick to attribute this to trouble in the Shanghai Stock Exchange or peg the purchases as investment homes.

Seattle, WA

‘There is no hard reporting on [the role of foreign buyers and investment homes] because the information is not required in a real estate transaction,’ Ms. Wright said. ‘Anecdotally, foreign buyers play a significant role at the top of the market (20+ million) on both coasts – but this in no way discounts the role and wealth of U.S. ultra-high-net-worth buyer pool.’

Despite a lack of data, a realtor quoted in the report notes the impact that overseas buyers have had in the market.

‘The typical Chinese buyer is an all-cash buyer,’ said Bill Riss, owner and CEO of Pacific Northwest-based real estate company CB Bain|Seal, for the report. ‘We have a group of 16 families and 15 business people from China coming over in two weeks, and they’re looking for single-family homes above $1 million. I see a number of buyers from India, too, since Microsoft hires a lot of highly paid Indian nationals.’

Bellevue, WA

The Seattle boom includes cities further from downstairs, most notably Bellevue and Gig Harbor, whose sales over the past year have more than doubled and more quadrupled, respectively.”


To read more from this article, click here.

More Buyers Compete for Fewer Houses

Categories: In the News | Posted: July 10, 2015


Are you having a difficult time finding a home in the Bellevue or Mercer Island area? JayMarc Homes can help! We have several homes that will be completed this year in both areas. With our Pre-Sale program, you can lock into a home early so you don’t have to worry about inflating prices! If you are interested, please contact Heather at or 425.226.9100 ext. 117.


More Buyers Compete For Fewer Houses: Experts Say This Could Go On For Years

By Marc Stiles, Puget Sound Business Journal


Typically home-buying activity falls off during the summer months, but not this year in the metro Puget Sound region, where buyers are competing to buy fewer homes while paying significantly higher prices.

The Bodrum Home Design by JayMarc Homes

“The Bodrum” home design. Available end of July in Bellevue.

The lack of condos and houses for sale is nothing new as real estate agents have been clamoring for additional inventory for more than a year. Now the shortage is getting worse even though slightly more homeowners are putting their condos and houses up for sale. But it’s not nearly enough to keep up with demand, according to a report that the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS) issued Monday.

“The only real problem we are experiencing today is the lack of inventory,” said real estate broker Mike Gain, CEO and President of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Seattle.

A year ago in June, there were 13,650 condos and houses for sale across the four-county metro region. Today, there are only about four-fifths as many. The decrease comes as demand among buyers grow. Last month, pending sales shot up to just over 8,000. That was 14 percent higher than in June 2014.

More buyers competing for fewer homes means higher prices. During June, the highest metro prices growth was logged in Snohomish County, where the median price of closed condo and house sales hit $347,250, or 10.8 percent higher than June 2014.

The Taipei home design by JayMarc Homes

“The Taipei” home design. Just Sold in Mercer Island.

The median price in King County last month was $450,000 or 9.8 percent higher than a year ago. In Pierce County, the median sale price went up 9.4 percent to $251,000, and in Kitsap County the median price of sold homes increased 6 percent to $265,000.

Real estate brokers say first-time buyers are fueling the market as tenants grow tired of paying ever-rising apartment rents. In addition, more people are moving to the region to fill a growing number of jobs. Across the state, non-farm employment rose by 7,700 positions from April to May, according to early estimates from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

One expert, John L. Scott Real Estate Chairman and CEO J. Lennox Scott, said the shortage of homes available for sale and rising prices aren’t going to go away anytime soon. In fact, he thinks the inventory shortage will continue for years.

“That shortage will go hand in hand with a steady price appreciation in home value,” he said.

-This article was written July 7th, 2015 by Marc Stiles from the Puget Sound Business Journal

JayMarc Homes Goes Modern

Categories: Events, In the News | Posted: March 20, 2015


Last weekend, we hosted the Grand Opening of our new Modern Collection. Erin Sirianni, the creator of My Mercer Island, stopped by and published a wonderful article about the event. Click Here to view the article!


JayMarc Homes Modern Collection

JayMarc Homes Modern Collection


Two of the homes are still available! If you are interested, please contact Daniel Sessoms at 206.779.9662 or

The Taipei

The Singapore

Surge in January Home Sales Creates a Frenzy

Categories: In the News | Posted: March 6, 2015


Good News for sellers: Surge in January home sales creates a ‘frenzy’ in Seattle area

Article from Puget Sound Business Journal


JayMarc Homes has the perfect solution if you are having a difficult time finding your dream home. We would like to introduce the JayMarc Pre-Sale program. You can lock down on the current price of a home under construction so you don’t have to worry about rising prices. There may be an opportunity for personalization as well depending on what stage the home is in. To learn more about the program, please contact Adrienne at 425.226.9100 x 119 or


King County has become “a pressure cooker” for residential real estate and most homes are selling fewer than 30 days after they are listed. That’s according to J. Lennox Scott, president and CEO of Seattle’s John L. Scott Real Estate. Scott says that essentially, the Seattle area is sold out. “Thanks to positive job growth and historically low interest rates,” Scott said, “we are experiencing a surge of sales activity, a shortage of homes for sale, and quick sales on new listings. Multiple offer situations on nearly every home are sending prices higher.”


"The Bodrum" | Available for Pre-Sale

“The Bodrum” | Available for Pre-Sale in Bellevue



Last week, we reported that 2015 is on track to be the biggest year for residential real estate since the 2008 recession, and Scott agrees the market is hot. He expects the shortage of inventory to continue into the summer, and likely into 2016.


Why is this happening?


The main reason is the region’s incredible job growth, particularly in the tech industry. As more people move to the Seattle area for high-paying tech jobs, the market is bound to get tighter. But historically low interest rates are also attracting people who might otherwise have stayed in the rental market.


"The Rhodes" | Now Available For Pre-Sale

“The Rhodes” | Now Available For Pre-Sale in Bellevue



The Seattle and Eastside markets have such a shortage of homes right now, they have less than a two month supply. That means homes are selling almost as soon as they hit the market. Scott said 75 percent of Seattle homes sell in the first 30 days. The market for luxury homes is just as hot, Scott said.


“Frankly, the surge of sales activity has now turned into a frenzy, which is creating premium pricing for sellers,” Scott said.


Emily Parkhurst

Puget Sound Business Journal

2015 Scheduled to be Biggest Year in Home Sales Since Recession

Categories: In the News | Posted: March 3, 2015


seattleAccording to this article from the Puget Sound Business Journal, 2015 is predicted to be a big year for home sales. In fact, it’s slated to be the biggest year for some sales since the recession in 2008!

In the article, the author points out that there is only a 2.6 month supply of new homes in the area, which has led to price increases for buyers.

Luckily, JayMarc Homes has a solution for home buyers. We offer the ability to purchase any of our homes under construction as a “Pre-Sale,” which allows you to lock-in pricing so you won’t be subjected to market fluctuations and rising costs.

Visit our Available Homes page for some of our upcoming properties in Bellevue and Mercer Island. We are scheduled to build over 35 homes in the area throughout 2015, and there is more than what’s on the website. Email Adrienne today for information on all of our homes available for Pre-Sale  , or call her at 425.226.9100+119!